Everest International Clinic and Research Center (EICRC)
Kathmandu, Nepal
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Research Projects
  1. Collaboration with Nagasaki University for “A New Molecular Surveillance of Leishmaniasis in Nepal”
  2. Collaboration with The University of Tokyo for “Healthy Living Intervention among people living with HIV/AIDS in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal”
  3. Collaboration with Tokai  University and Nagasaki University, Japan for “A Medical Care for the People in Pasupati Nath Area in Kathmandu”.
  4. Collaboration with Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) for “Evaluation of Rapid Immunochromatographic Test for Early Diagnosis of dengue virus infection” 
  5. Collaboration with Nepal Development Research Institute (NDRI) and National History Museum (NHM) for “Entomogical Survillence of Aedes aegypti on Tanahu district in Nepal”.
Lists of M Sc. Thesis students:
  1. Mr. Ajay Poudel 
  2. Mr. Govind Prasad Gupta
  3. Mr. Bal Ram Adhikari                                                 
  4. Mr. Dilip Karna
  5. Mr. Santa Raj Khannal                                               
  6. Mr.  Dharma Kuikel     
  7. Mr Om Prasad Sah                                                    
  8. Mr. Ganesh Khadka
  9. Mr. Krishna Prasad Pant
  10. Mr. Ramesh Pun
  11. Mr. Yogendra Shah
  12. Mrs. Manju Tamang
  13. Mr. Nirakar Adhikari